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Fortuner SUV Terbaik From Toyota Astra Motor

Toyota Fortuner SUV TerbaikFortuner SUV terbaik with VNTurbo are best offers from several advantages to all families in Indonesia, the vehicle made by PT Toyota Astra Motor, named the ‘Grand New FORTUNER VNTurbo’ last in August 2012. This car was launched to fulfill the dream of all Indonesian families who want a comfortable dream car. Toyota makes it look more elegant SUV expected in the presence of Grand New Fortuner VNTurbo can bring a more comfortable driving experience, be able to face any challenge in the rugged road, and make the best choice for a family SUV beloved.

VNTurbo Toyota offers several advantages to all families in Indonesia, in order to establish his title as VNturbo Fortuner SUV terbaik. Other than a slight advantage that I have mentioned above, VNTurbo is also expected to be the best choice for your beloved family has the power and torque that is strong enough to accelerate short-acceleration, so as to maintain or fight over positions in traffic became much easier.

In addition, Toyota Fortuner VNTurbo also has wide viewing space, the model projector lamps and fog lights are bright, the sensors on the front and rear bumpers, plus a very friendly character control, which can face the broad and narrow routes, driving at night can be passed so easily, no one else is the Fortuner SUV terbaik.

Large SUV Fortuner is also very comfortable ride. Suspension is fairly moderate, and kekedapan cabin seating position is also very fitting, I think this could be a good value for the Fortuner VNTurbo.

Main Advantages of Toyota’s flagship SUV is equipped with a combination of new engine 2 KD-FTV VNTurbo, which replaces 2KD-television movie that has power and greater torque and Variable Nozzle Turbo technology (VNT) that where the intercooler is also able to boost the power up to 41 percent to 144 PS at 3400 rpm, with a torque of 35.0 kgm at 1600-2800 rpm, with 343 Nm torsional strength of the previous 260 Nm. With this combination of response and acceleration the car for the better, and more stable in the face of challenging terrain such as high altitude, steep streets, and extreme weather.

In addition to the above advantages, there is one more advantage so make the Fortuner SUV Terbaik is more easily held, the price offered is very affordable, only a difference of 10 million dollars from the SUV before.

Toughness VNTurbo Fortuner has proven, this SUV has been exploring in extreme weather, as well as through the famous silk route vicious, dangerous and many casualties on the two continents, Asia and Europe as far as 27,000 km. which starts from Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, China, Kyrgiztan, Khazakztan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, and last italia. Here’s the best SUV Fortuner Video bulldoze Jakarta – Rome at the event EUROASIA:

PT Toyota Astra Motor is not merely create the Fortuner SUV terbaik is only for the adventurous but you can enjoy as a family vehicle that faithfully carry wherever you go. Do not miss the best deals on the Fortuner SUV terbaik at Toyota dealer near you.